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This site is a wiki run on Gitit, a vaguely nice small-ish wiki engine built on Git and Pandoc. It serves as a store of random notes, documents and general stuff for a small collection of internet weirdos.


  • The Gitit documentation can be found at the Help page and the Gitit User’s Guide
  • If you notice a page that is not right, or has corrupted syntax you don’t know how to fix, list it in PagesToFix.
  • You should be able to make a new account just by trying to edit a page and hitting ‘make new account’.


Gitit conveniently has a plugin facility that means I can add new syntax and make it run more or less arbitrary programs. Currently there are two:

  • Subst, which includes a different page in the current one with the syntax [OtherPage](!subst). Only gotcha is that if you want to include page Foo/Bar then you have to put in the full path; it doesn’t handle relative paths.
  • MTable, which circumvents Pandoc’s somewhat lousy table formats (which you can still use) with a more convenient one:
~~~ {.mtable}
| stuff | more stuff |
| item 2 | item 1 |

Unfortunately, MTable is something I have to finish writing, which I guess I’ll do this week, dammit.

Things to fix

  • Maybe change the Subst plugin to add a header with a link to the subbed-in page, like MoinMoin does? I’m not sure.
  • Clicking on someone’s name in the recent changes doesn’t take you to their wiki page. :-( In fact the diff page is a little lame in general.